Special Events/Pop ups



Delightful Scents and Ribbons 2022 show line up


Scents = Delightful Scents (candles) Ribbons = Delightful ribbons (doll clothes)


September 11th

  • Maumee (ribbons)

September 24th & 25th

  • Allen Park (ribbons and scents)


October 1st

  • Trenton (ribbons and scents)

October 7th and 8th

  • Livonia (scents)

October 14th – 16th

  • Novi Comic con (ribbons)

October 22nd

  • Novi high (ribbons)




November 5th

  • Brownstown (ribbons and scents)

November 12th

  • Detroit doll show (ribbons)

November 13th

  • All things Detroit (ribbons and scents)

November 19th

  • Macomb (ribbons and scents)

November 26th

  • Troy high (ribbons)


December 4th

  • Toledo (scents)

December 9th – 11th

  • Livonia (scents)